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Sales & Sourcing - at CPS Plant

Sales & Sourcing

We keep a small stock of machinery at our premises. Customers are encouraged to come and view our stock and discuss your requirements with us. If we do not have a suitable machine in stock, we have the ability to source machinery.

Any machine we sell is put through the workshop and all the necessary repairs are carried out and where needed can be GA1 certified to be ready for site. We provide a back-up service for the machines we sell so you get as much work as possible from your new purchase.


We can source a wide range of machinery from rollers, diggers to tele-handlers and dumpers. We agree a specification with you, it may take some time to source a suitable machine depending on budget and specification. We will arrange transport and service the plant before collection or delivery to you . We work within a set budget and ensure that the piece of machinery leaves our garage with a GA1 Certificate.

  • Rollers – 1 – 15 tonnes
  • Diggers – 1 – 20 tonnes
  • Tele-handlers – up to 17 metres
  • Dumpers – 1 – 10 tonnes
General Repairs & Maintenance - at CPS Plant

General Repairs & Maintenance

We hold a small stock of parts at our premises including:

  • Filter and Service Kits
  • Under Carriage Parts
  • Lights and Electrical Parts
  • Pins, Bushes and Wear Parts
  • Steering Components
  • Braking Components

We can order parts on next day delivery and can source parts for a wide range of machinery on a national or international basis.

Engineering Repairs

We have a great working relationship with two local engineering workshops. Together we work to repair and machine work, damaged parts on your machine. There services include line boring, lathe / milling, machine work & bending & folding steel. We always aim to leave the machine back to original or better than original condition – often by modifying something to prevent a similar breakage again. They generally have a very fast turn around time that is beneficial in cutting down the time your machine is not working.

Diagnostics - at CPS Plant


As we all know diagnostic equipment in this day and age is an absolute must for any workshop. We have dealer level equipment for Hitachi, JCB & Volvo construction equipment. We also have a Texa that is a multi-brand code reader.

We believe in spending the time at diagnostics to ensure that we have pin-pointed the fault or faulty component & replace / repair accordingly. Where necessary we carry out remedial works to prevent similar faults happening again. We are constantly training & up-skilling to keep right up to date with the latest construction equipment.

We also carry a vast range of hydraulic test equipment from pressure gauges to flow meters and are currently awaiting delivery on a Webtec HPM 6000 Oscilliscope. We feel this will be a huge asset in diagnosing hydraulic problems.

Mobile Services - at CPS Plant

Mobile Services

Our mobile service is tailored to repair and maintain larger machinery, if it’s too big to move, we come to it.

We have all the equipment necessary on board our 2 mobile units including Compressors, generators and welders. We generally find that once we get out on site, diagnose the problem, then our mechanics will work on the plant until the problem is solved. You can’t transport a 60 tonne crusher easily so we have to solve the problem where the crusher is located. In exceptional circumstances we will arrange transport of plant if we cannot solve the problem out on site, this is only done with agreement from the customer.

Machine Refurbishment - at CPS Plant

Machine Refurbishment

We have a strong reputation in delivering a cost effective repair service. Regardless if you are a customer with millions of euros invested in machinery, or a customer with one or two pieces of machinery, we encourage all customers to engage in a maintenance plan, we believe prevention is always better than cure so keeping machinery in top condition requires a suitable maintenance plan. Repairs can cover anything from broken wires and faulty components to welding or installation of new parts. Other repair jobs include:

  • Electrical Repairs
  • Pins and Bushes Wear and Tear
  • Repair Final Drives
  • Fitting Seal Kits to Hydraulic Rams
  • Slew motors and gear boxes
  • Welding – repair buckets, heavy welding, we have an up to date, coded welder to a recognised standard. BS EN 287PT1
  • Repairs to machinery that has been excessively worked and not maintained

Clients include

  • Construction
  • Quarry
  • Agricultural Contractors
  • Farmers
  • Small Self Builds
  • Road Maintenance Crews


  • Donegal
  • Sligo
  • Leitrim
  • Fermanagh
Welding & Fabrication - at CPS Plant

Welding & Fabrication

Niall does most of the welding here, he covers a range of mild steel and aluminum welding and fabrication repairs. We replace teeth and cutting edges on buckets etc as well as repairing fatigue cracks/ breakages on machines. We always aim to prevent these problems arising again by strengthening the damaged parts. When repairing buckets we always use 450 brinell Hardox steel cutting edge and wear parts.

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