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Maximize efficiency with Rototilt tiltrotators. Unlock next-level productivity.

The benefits of tilt rotatorsEnhancing Excavator Efficiency with Rototilt’s RC SeriesThe benefits of tilt rotators

In the world of construction and excavation, efficiency, precision, and safety are paramount. Rototilt’s RC series of tiltrotators exemplifies these values, providing operators with an innovative solution that transforms standard excavators into versatile tool carriers. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of the Rototilt RC series and how it can revolutionize your excavation projects.

Introducing the RC Series

The Rototilt RC series includes a range of tiltrotators designed for excavators weighing between 1.5 to 43 tonnes. The latest additions, the RC1 and RC2, are compact models tailored for smaller excavators, making them ideal for confined spaces where flexibility and precision are crucial. These models are not only compact but also come equipped with advanced features that enhance performance and safety​ (Rototilt)​.

Key Features

  1. SecureLock Safety System: All RC tiltrotators come with the SecureLock safety lock as standard, ensuring that attachments are securely fastened during operation. This feature complies with the latest EN474 safety standards, providing operators with peace of mind and enhancing workplace safety​ (Rototilt)​.
  2. ILS Central Lubrication: The integrated lubrication system reduces maintenance time and ensures that the tiltrotator operates smoothly, extending its service life and maintaining peak performance​.
  3. RC Joysticks and RC Connect: The RC series also includes ergonomic RC joysticks and the RC Connect remote support system, which allow for seamless control and troubleshooting. These features improve the operator’s experience and efficiency, making it easier to perform complex tasks with greater precision(Rototilt)​.

Applications and Benefits

Tiltrotators are designed to maximize the utility of your excavator, allowing for 360-degree rotation and tilt capabilities. This versatility enables operators to perform a variety of tasks with fewer machine movements, thereby saving time and reducing wear and tear on the equipment. Whether you are working on construction sites, in urban areas, or on infrastructure projects, the RC series tiltrotators can handle a wide range of applications, from trenching and grading to demolition and material handling​ ​.

Moreover, the RC series is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The hydraulic system is optimized for high performance while minimizing fuel consumption, making these tiltrotators not only powerful but also environmentally friendly​ ​.


The Rototilt RC series represents a significant advancement in excavation technology, offering unparalleled flexibility, safety, and efficiency. By integrating these tiltrotators into your operations, you can enhance your productivity and tackle a broader range of projects with confidence. Explore the full range of RC tiltrotators and discover how Rototilt can elevate your excavation capabilities to new heights.