Keep It Running Smoothly

Unplanned equipment breakdowns can significantly disrupt your operations. At CPS Plant Company, we understand that. Our team of experienced technicians offers comprehensive general repairs and maintenance services to minimize downtime and keep your machinery functioning optimally for a wide range of equipment types. This allows you to focus on what matters most – running your business productively.

Our Comprehensive Repair Services Include:

  • Filter and Service Kit Replacements: We ensure your equipment runs efficiently with timely replacements of filter and service kits.
  • Undercarriage Repairs: Our team can handle all your undercarriage repair needs to keep your machinery mobile.
    Light and Electrical
  • Component Repairs: We diagnose and repair malfunctioning lights and electrical components to restore full functionality.
  • Replacement of Pins, Bushes, and Wear Parts: We ensure smooth operation by replacing worn-out pins, bushes, and other wear parts.
  • Steering Component Repairs: Keep control with our expert repairs for steering components.
  • Braking Component Repairs: We prioritize safety with comprehensive repairs for braking components.

Don’t see the part you need listed? No problem! We can source parts for a wide range of machinery, nationally and internationally.

Expert Support and
Seamless Installation

Elevate your experience with our products backed by professional plant fitters. We not only provide top-notch solutions but ensure a flawless setup and quick fixes, setting us apart with unparalleled support.

Engineering Repairs: Taking It a Step Further

For more complex repairs, we partner with two trusted local engineering workshops. Together, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering repair services to get your equipment back in top condition.

  • Line Boring: Our partners have the expertise for precise line boring to ensure perfect alignment of critical components.
  • Lathe / Milling Work: We can handle complex machining tasks like turning and milling for custom repairs or part replacements.
  • Machine Work & Bending / Folding Steel: Our partners can perform various machining tasks and manipulate steel for unique repair solutions.
  • Better Than Original: We strive to not only repair damage but also improve your equipment by preventing similar breakages in the future.

Minimize Downtime, Maximise Results

Downtime is costly. We prioritise swift repairs with on-site parts and next-day delivery to get you back to peak productivity fast.