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NOX Tilt Rotator

The NOX Tiltrotator by Kinshofer is one of the most advanced tools for excavators. A 360 continuous rotation & tilting angles of up to 2 x 50 degrees make it a universal joint. This cylinderless solution features a very compact design with a narrow width and without any protruding parts. This flexible tool is extremely service friendly, as there are only two greasing  points, there are less wear parts & the hydraulics are integrated into the solid cast housing. The patented tilting function is provided by the elliptic piston design with only 0ne thread. Due to the closed system  the risks of damages are reduced and the tilting force is constant. It is a very slick & smooth system that is simple to operate. The NOX  Tiltrotator is suitable for 3tn -30tn machines , a large varitety of attachements are available . Get in touch  to arrange a demonstration




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